Training, Workshop, Seminar

Vantage Consult Ltd. is a training provider and consulting Company. With an ultimate commitment to customer satisfaction, employee motivation, ingenuity and successful partnership.

Vantage Consult Ltd. provides a platform for knowledge and skills acquisition in wide areas which includes but is not limited to project Management, Leadership and management, interpersonal skills, communication skills, Negotiation skills, Human Resource Management, Business feasibility Writing, Customer Service, sales, finance, accounting, administration, secretariat duties, Poverty and Productivity, Corporate Finance and Investment, Manpower efficiency, strategies.

These topics are usually developed to meet the specific needs of the trainees and as part of our strategy to achieve maximum impart, one on one session is usually employed with individuals receiving full time attention for specialized and experienced consultation.

Our services are delivered to companies within and outside Nigeria who wish to polish their managerial and entrepreneurial skills on the journey to achieving maximum results.