Vantage Business Clinic


About the Vantage Business Clinic

The Vantage Business Clinic is an initiative of Vantage Global Consult Limited (A Business / Management Consulting Company). These 3 days Entrepreneurial Training and Mentorship Program has been organized to help aspiring Entrepreneurs to transform their great Ideas into profitable Business ventures, resuscitate failed businesses, rebuild failing businesses, facilitate business expansion, promote business growth and enhance networking and exchanges between Entrepreneurs :just to mention a few opportunities that this life changing and inspiring program will give birth to.

The Vantage Business clinic is a Practical and result oriented entrepreneurial Training Program that guarantees a progressive and positive impact on the business venture of every participant, The course content has been designed to proffer practical solutions to lots of problems that Entrepreneurs face in Nigeria on a daily basis and to equip all participant with all the information that will make them successful and highly influential in the business environment and in the communities they operate in.

Vantage Business Clinic With Its Pool Of Trained And Well Established Team Of Passionate Entrepreneurs Who Have Travelled The Lane Of Starting Their Own Businesses, Taking Risk, Raising Capital, Managing Resources, Taking Loans, Our Participants Will Certainly Not Be Disappointed.

The Team Members Are Professional Entrepreneurs Who Have Worked With Lots Of Start Ups, Big Corporations and Government Institutions and Are More Than Willing To Share The Skills and Knowledge acquired on their Journey To Building Successful Businesses.

• To Encorage Young And Aspiring Entrepreneurs To Transform Their Dreams Into Profitable Business Ventures
• To Train Young And Aspiring Entrepreneurs By Providing Them With The Necessary Information, Knowledge And Skills To Operate And Succeed In Business
• To Provide A Platform That Promotes Business Mentorship , Business Financing And Great Networking Opportunities For Entrepreneurs And Investors Alike.
• To Provide Free Consultation For Failed Businesses
• To Provide Continued Trainning Opportunities For Business Managers
• To Create Avenue For Entrepreneuers To Get Useful Information That Will Help Them Survive And Excel Under Harsh Economic Conditions
• To Train Business Managers On The Right Business Ethics That Will Enhace A Healthy Business Environment.
• To Train Business Managers .Entrepreneurs And Business Owners On How To Manage All The Factors Of Production,Minimise Waste , Acheive Sustainable Growth And Remain Profitable In Business
• To Mentor Five Hundred Registered, Successful And Thriving Businesses Each Year
Edge In The Market

Despite Many Talks,Trainings And Seminars On Entrepreneurship In Nigeria ,Research Still Shows That:
• There Is Still So Much Poverty In The Country
• Most Entrepreneurs Are Discouraged
• Too Many Failed And Failing Businesses
• Too Many Unprofitable Business Ventures
• Most Small And Medium Scale Business Managers
Lack Basic Business Skills.

The Question Is Why?
• The Real Problem Is Yet To Be Addressed
Vantage Business Clinic Has Designed A Unique Course Content That Has An Inherent Ability To Effect Positive Changes In The Life Of Any Business .This is not just another seminar or talk, It is a practical training platform that has created an enabling environment for businesses to succeed in Nigeria even in harsh economic situation.
That’s not all!

In pursuance of its mission to build and mentor five hundred registered,
Successful and thriving businesses each year, Vantage has also designed a continued mentorship opportunity which will assist entrepreneurs in developing the necessary skills that will cause them to stand out in the market place .The Mentorship program will also promote sharing of knowledge, research, industry development, control and life support by business veterans who have a passion for helping young entrepreneurs start up and succeed in their chosen field.

Course Content
Our target Participants are adults, professional learners and business executives and we know that most people in this category are not looking for another entrance to the regular class room.They are done with that!.Most of them are business executives who already have skills or expertise in certain areas but just want to brush up on their weak ends to produce the required change in their businesses. The Course content is therefore a practical guide to building a sustainable and profitable business venture .

These categories of learners are unique and can be described as:
• Learners with a purpose
• Learners who want practical training that can be related to their business and the real world
• Learners who want a result oriented training that will catapult their business to higher heights not just theoretical postulations
• Learners who want direct and measurable benefits. They are expectant that the training will bring the required growth or progress in their business.
• VBC 101- Entrepreneurship system and Ethics
• VBC 102-Accounting and Business Taxation in Nigeria.
• VBC 103-Business Financing and fund raising
• VBC 104-Business Regulation and Compliance
• VBC 105-Marketing And Planning

Expected Participants
• Entrepreneurs
• Retirees , Employees , Fresh Graduates Or Students Aspiring To Become Entrepeneurs
• Business Owners
• Business Consultants
• Business Managers
• Business Development Managers
• Business Veterans
• Investors

5 Reasons to Attend the Vantage Business clinic
• Practical Training Opportunity(Immediate use for your business)
• Networking Opportunity
• Mentorship Opportunity and free Consultation (That goes beyond the program)
• Financing Opportunity
• Sales Opportunity