Human Resource

More and more Companies are gradually coming to realize and understand the value and return on investment of outsourcing specialized business functions to partners with expertise in those areas.

By outsourcing your Human Resource process to Vantage Consult Ltd., you are able to reduce risk, save money and concentrate on your core business.

We provide efficient and knowledgeable Human Resource outsourcing at considerable less cost and risk than maintaining your own Human Resource Department.

Our Mission is to provide our client with the Human Resource outsourcing model that will fit your Company’s uniqueness.

Our pool of Human Resource Consultants specialize in creating and maintaining high performance in the organization’s work team and individuals and in building skills for the successful transition of leaders, Managers and Supervisors to facilitators and team leaders.


* Human Resource Strategies
* Recruitment and retention strategy
* Payroll processing and Administration services
* Workers Compensation support
* Compensation structure review and implementation
* Development of employee exit processes and procedures
* Review and development of policies, procedures and Handbook
* Annual Review of Employee File
* Customized Management Training
* Employee Relations, Management and support centre.

Benefits of our Human Resource services.

- Higher level of service at lower cost
- Eliminate Technological obsolesce
- Access to experienced services support
- Increased customer satisfaction
- Accountable and motivated employees who are proud of their productive efforts.