Feasibility / Business Plan

Need an individually tailored and polished business plan?
At Vantage, we understand the challenges that characterize writing business plans, marketing plans or carrying act a feasibility study for a start up business idea.

We have therefore created a business plan clinic for new business owners who are interested in transforming their business ideas into reality and are fraught with the task of writing a business plan that will attract bank loans or serious minded investors.

We coach these clients through the development of their business plans or a review of their existing business plan or a feasibility study for a start up business idea.

Our consultants are fully trained in all aspects of business plan development. They have a passion for helping business owners in achieving their set goals. Our clients are able to get the relevant information they require, leverage on our wealth of experience through the planning process and the market Plans we create is based on concrete research with detailed analysis and customized solution.