Vantage offers Business Support Services (Entrepreneurship Training, Business Plan Writing, Financial Advisory, Accounting Services, IT, just to mention a few) We are your one stop shop to reaching your destination on your entrepreneurial journey. We help Actualize your dreams. We are your lifeline to success in Business Call us now on 07034215156 or 08183563880/or you could send us an email info@vgcl.biz
We act as a guide by taking you through a one on one consulting session to understand your dreams and offer you all the mentoring and advisory services you need to get you to your destination.
To fail to plan is to plan to fail. You need a blue print to succeed in business. Your Business Plan is like your road map on your journey to an unknown Island. We can assist you to write or rewrite your Business Plan.
The Vantage Business Clinic is a 3day Training that offers 100% practical training on all the basic skills and information you need to acquire to become a successful Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs who go through this training will operate at a Vantage Position because navigating their way on this challenging Entrepreneurial Journey will be a smooth sail having understood some basic tricks. They stand a better chance to withstand the storm.
We have a Platform that helps Entrepreneurs connect with Vantage Mentors and get all the advantage of tapping into the experience of Entrepreneurs that have succeeded in the Business they intend to explore. This will surely help Entrepreneurs increase their chances of succeeding and avoid some pitfalls having learnt from the best.
Follow the link below to join the Ambig Entrepreneurs Community today. Networking is good but not all networks are still useful. Joining the Ambig Entrepreneurs Network will be one of the biggest positive steps you will take in Business. Information is power. We will make all the news of the opportunities you need to succeed reach you on time.
There are diverse kind of funds available to Entrepreneurs. However not all Entrepreneurs have what it takes to access this fund. We can help you through all the steps you need to qualify for some of this fund. You don't have remain cash strapped. Access all the funds you need by registering to attend our next Vantage Achievers Lounge.
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We are always prepared to answer your questions and to help you actualize your dreams.Send an email to info@vgcl.biz or call us on 07034215156 or 08183563880