Business Startup

Thinking of starting your own business but not quite sure of where to begin? Or perhaps you have a fledging business but need help to move to the next level.

Vantage Business Start up Clinic is set up to provide you with the information and guidance for starting up a new business or growing your existing business.

We can help you set up and get it running. We offer advisory services to start up Companies from the inception of our client’s ideas through growing successful entrepreneurial experiences, legal insight and practical business analysis.

We assist you with all your business start up needs. We offer negotiation support and Board of Directors/Advisory Board assistance. We also deliver legal services required for your business startup with the benefit of a full corporate legal team on our board.

No matter the stage of your start up, our services and expertise will drive your business to a vantage position giving you an edge over all your competitors in the market place.

Rendering Business Start Up advice to Foreigners or Nigerians Based Abroad:

To Foreigners that are interested in taking advantage of the promising business environment in Nigeria, We offer a comprehensive range of advice and services that you will require at the start up stage and ensure that your set goals are achieved legally and ethically ranging from the Registration/Incorporation of your Company at start up stage to the point of transforming your business into a full fledge business that is up and running profitably.

Services rendered to foreigners through our legal and account consultants:

- Registration/Company Incorporation.
- Obtaining Tax Clearance Certificate for the newly registered business
- Acquisition of business premises.
- Obtaining all the necessary permits and approvals including Business Permit Certificate
- Tax Advice and Tax PH