Ambig I Network

Ambig I Network is made of a group of successful business entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds who share interest in investing time as board members and advisors and investing capital in Private Companies with strong team, proprietary solutions and high potentials.

Their ultimate goals are as follows
* To help Talented Entrepreneurs in building lasting business of significant value.
* To support early stage private Companies that drive the transit to a sustainable Company.
* To provide patient capital to growing businesses.
* To create a market place for financing Nigeria owned businesses
* To create a network of like minded investors who have interest in Micro Enterprise.

Who may Join Ambig I Network
- Successful Business Owners
- Successful Entrepreneurs
- Retired Individual/Business Owners/Executive that have made land mark in the profession or industry
- Affluent individuals who are interested in investing capital in start ups in Exchange for Monetary returns or ownership Equity.

Benefits Of Membership
* Monetary Returns on investments
* It keeps members abreast of current development in their industry of interest.
* It creates an avenue to make use of their expertise, experience network in a less than full time basis
* For Education, Networking and the pursuit of mutually beneficial opportunities.
* Monetary Returns as against keeping the fan Retirement benefits as idle funds in the bank.