Ambig EM Network

Ambig EM Network is a network of employees that have come together to foster connection. The network has been formed to attract, engage and retain talented and motivated people for the benefit of the companies or entrepreneurs that we serve. The network helps to promote the personal and professional growth of its members.

The ultimate goals are as follows:
* To attract and retain the best talents
* A source for coaching and mentoring members to be the best employees they can be and make significant contributions in the companies they serve.
* Opportunity to network with people of like minds
* An avenue to voice issues for improvement or change
* Provision of useful resource for its members

Benefits of Membership
- It promotes personal and professional growth through organized training programmes or seminars at highly subsidized rates.
- An avenue to develop leadership skills
- Access to Job postings /Job offers
- Assist in resolving conflict through due process.
- Free counseling session for dissatisfied or depressed employees