Ambig E Network

Ambig E Network has been set to provide motivation, direction and increased access to opportunities and useful skills to existing or aspiring entrepreneurs.

At Ambig E Network, Entrepreneurs can access critical resources of seed capital and management guidance from experienced business veterans. Offering different resource to start ups.

The ultimate goals of the Ambig E Network are as follows:-
- To create an Avenue to promote members business.
- To create an avenue to be mentored, inspired and supported financially by Investors and other business veterans.
- To meet people of like minds for the purpose of Education, networking and Pursuit of mutually beneficial purposes.
- To answer questions on problem areas in business.
- To build the business skills of members.
- To inspire members regularly.
- To assist young entrepreneurs in their startup plans.
- To organize seminars and information workshops that helps enhance the entrepreneurs knowledge on the principles of success in business

- Education, Networking and the pursuant of mutually beneficial opportunities.
- It creates a ready market for the sale of your goods and services.
- It creates a platform that will give Entrepreneurs easy access to all factors of production.
- It’s an avenue to learn core business values that help to ensure continuity and sustainability of young businesses.
- It creates an easy platform to influence governmental policies for the benefit of Entrepreneurs in Nigeria.
- Members will play an active role in promoting Nigeria to the outside world as a sustainable Economy.